In an industry that is a traditionally male domain, Wayfinder is changing the status quo.

We believe that achieving a better gender balance in supply chains will result in business that is more successful.

Wayfinder aims to increase the visibility of careers in the supply chain and logistics industry. 

We’re breaking down industry stereotypes and rethinking talent acquisition, retention and promotion.

Social responsibility

Supply chains are crucial to society and the environment; how they operate matters, in reducing social inequity, increasing diversity and in minimising environmental impacts, creating value for individuals and society. A career in this sector provides the opportunity to make a difference


National sponsor


FIAL is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation focused on growing the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.

FIAL and Wayfinder are working together to showcase the career opportunities our fast growing and innovative agribusiness industry has to offer Australia’s talented young women.

Associate Members

Why industry and government support Wayfinder

Working in partnership to tackle this important issue that no organisation alone can address or solve